Thanks to Digitisation, we can create extra added value for our customers

Our online accounting program YUKI means you only need 1 minute a day and 30 minutes a week to process your ‘paperwork’. Moreover, it gives you an accurate overview of your results at any time. Want to have a quick chat with your financial advisor about these results? Thanks to Vectera, you can book an appointment for a video call straight away.

Until very recently, accounting was all about pens, papers and physical archives. Thanks to a number of handy digital tools we can leave our computers to do all the time-consuming input and archiving work. As a result, we create extra added value.

YUKI online accounting program

YUKI is an online accounting program which means that you never have to update lists again or puzzle over receipts, invoices, certificates, etc.

How does it work?

  1. You submit your invoices, receipts, contracts etc. digitally via your PC, smartphone, scanner, email, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. Your bank transactions can be pulled up automatically through a connection with YUKI.
  3. The majority of your documents are automatically analysed and interpreted by the software within 24 hours.
  4. We manually process the documents that cannot be done automatically and check them within 24 hours.
  5. We then have all the documents and information we need to meet your fiscal and VAT obligations.

It gives you an insight into your results in real time, at any time, and you can easily ask questions about a document or transaction using the integrated communication module.

Make an appointment (for a video call)

Sometimes it is difficult to write down a question or comment and it is more efficient to have a face-to-face meeting with your financial advisor. However, meeting in person can also be time-consuming, when all you are looking for is some quick advice in order to make a decision.

That is where Vectera comes in very handy, as you can immediately see when your financial advisor is available for a video call. The call is launched using a simple mouse click on your PC or tablet, and the system allows you to select exactly the documents that you need.

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