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Your ambition to grow and realise your personal dreams means that you continually need to make decisions. To do so, you often follow your gut instinct. As an accountant, we are always ready to give you well-founded financial advice so that you can achieve your aims in the most efficient way.

That is why we believe it's important to get to know you as well as possible.

During our initial meeting we listen to what you want from us and we answer your questions. Within a week of this meeting, we provide you with a quotation for our services.

We then make a second appointment straight away, to get to know your company and your activities better. The more insight we get into your processes and how you do business, the better we will be at giving you tailored advice.

For starters, we set out the required steps right away so that you can start your business activities without delay.

In traditional accounting practice it was necessary to subsequently meet at least once a quarter, so that you could give us your invoices, receipts and documents, which we would use to calculate your (interim) results.

Thanks to our online accounting software, transferring documents and entering these into the system is an almost automatic process. You can consult your accounts at any time, to check the real-time situation in terms of your turnover, outstanding suppliers, customers, etc. Furthermore, you can communicate very easily with your file manager via the digital portal.

The automation tools are useful instruments that stop our experts having to do time-consuming data entry work. This frees up time for them to be available for you, in order to support you in every decision that you take.

Besides the advisory meetings, we have an annual meeting to evaluate the last twelve months and to discuss the future.

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