Accounting is only boring if no one explains what exciting things you can do with it

We mustn't kid ourselves: our profession is not blessed with a sexy image. Recording invoices and putting them in ring binders, gathering VAT receipts, drawing up balance sheets and annual accounts, and so on: the whole system of recording and reporting is a professional obligation that you are made to perform by the government. In the best-case scenario, your accountant is good company or has a certain charm.

The danger of reluctance towards accounting

We will leave it up to you to decide whether that last point applies to us. One thing that is certain, however, is that calling accounting boring is a deep-rooted miscomprehension. Still today, people view their accounting tasks with reluctance, at best. That is a shame for us but in many cases disastrous for entrepreneurs. After all, carefully maintained accounts are full of information which business owners can use to make decisions. If you are averse to accounting, you miss out on this opportunity.

A perfect combination

Apart from your instinct, you are unlikely to have many advisors who can guide you to achieve your professional aims and personal dreams. And your instinct is by definition not the best advisor. What you need to do is combine it with the data in your accounts, which will give you a solid foundation to expand your business: the drive to dream, coupled with the awareness of the boundaries within which that can safely occur.en.

For the success of your business

And that is where the opportunity lies for us to help our profession shed its undeserved reputation. If we are able, in a simple manner and in a comprehensible language, to give you insight into your figures, into the exciting things that your results make possible and into the danger zones that you are best off avoiding, we are undoubtedly taking some steps in the right direction. And much more importantly, we are making an effective contribution to the success of your business.

Anne and Luc Lauwers

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